Project Grow

Project Grow

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cut Flower Update

I have not posted much of anything since the weather warmed up because I have been busy working outside. Thankfully, me not posting does not stop the plants from growing.

Here are the lisianthus planted in early January.  Lisianthus plants are expensive and the reason is it takes months to bring them into bloom.  They are about a foot tall now and will probably flower in August.

This is how they looked four months ago.

The next picture is of snapdragons which were planted in March.  These are about a foot and a half or two feet tall.  That is taller than the ones I usually got for the flower business but they are in better soil.   A have another set I started in early May that are still in pots.  

Last are some sunflowers.  The ones on the right were planted in early May and the smaller ones were planted a couple weeks ago.  These are about 8 inches apart.  

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